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Kick-Butt Hall

We will protect this house!!!

Kick-Butt Hall!!
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We are Kick-Butt Hall. We are a motley crew of unique and awesome freshmen at SUNY New Paltz. Our nucleus is room #111 in Esopus Hall. We have lots of adventures, including lighting shit on fire, borrowing shopping carts for use as our first-year car, eating at the dining hall, ordering takeout food late at night, hogging the side study room, playing "I Never," having threesomes, playing video games, watching cartoons, doing drugs (well, some of us), having sex (well, some of us), and lots more.

This is a documentation of our adventures, and a forum to discuss and/or plan said adventures.

Catie aka Kick-Butt Midget - littleaphid
Dave aka Kick-Butt Loveable Dork - daverhoe
Kat aka Kick-Butt Whore - triannii
Wyatt aka Kick-Butt Ninja/Christian/Neo - neo_ninja
Michelle - always_dragon
Nick aka Kick-Butt Stud - kickbutthall23
Brian McLoughlin aka Big Bear aka Kick-Butt Smoker - brimac1785
Brian Gold aka Tall Brian aka Kick-Butt Jew -
Brian Williams aka Kick-Butt Pirate - l_loire
Heather -
Julio aka Kick-Butt Pimp - kingofallkings
Adam - chumpthreads
Lex aka Egon - lexxy
Jill - moon_seraph
Tom - guardian_priest
Kate - quietjaneeyre
Tryn - taidhe
Soojin - k0dama
Gavin -
Ella - ellalives
Paul - dishwasherthief

The list of members grows constantly. Not all of us have nicknames or LiveJournals, but that doesn't matter.

Take the quiz to see which one of us you are!